Thursday, April 20, 2017


This is a fail-safe way on how to install custom scenery in your Themed RCT3 Folder. Click on the folders until you see the 2 style files that you see in the pic above. CLICK BACK ONCE AND THAT file goes in your Themed Folder. No matter how people layout their zip file you will always know what to do.

98 percent of the time you do this

1: Download the zip file
2. Click on that unziped file
3. Click on the folder (if there are multiple folders see paragraph below)
4. If you see the 2 style files click back 1 time and put THAT folder in your themed folder.

Sometimes people put more than 1 folder inside te zip file. Just repeat the steps above.
Some people put unnecessary files in their custom scenery zip files. For example some people put in a "DC_store" file...ignore it. If you don't have a MAC ignore the MAC folder that some people add to the zip file.

If you click on the sets that the RCT3 game comes with like Atlantis, Colonial, Western, Glass, Office buildings etc...will see the 2 style folders right away. That pattern told me how to do this.


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