Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easy way to INSTALL CUSTOM SCENERY in Themed Folder

This is a fail-safe way on how to install, add, custom scenery in your Themed RCT3 Folder.

98% of the time do steps 1-41: Download the zip file
2. Click on that unziped file
3. Click on the folder (if there are multiple folders see paragraph below)
4. If you see the 2 style files click back 1 time and put THAT folder in your themed folder.
IF THIS isn't the case........just keep clicking on the next folder until you see those 2 .style folder exensions. Then hit the back button and put THAT folder into your Themed Folder.

Sometimes people put more than 1 folder inside the zip file. Just repeat the steps above.
Some people put unnecessary files in their custom scenery zip files. For example, some people put in a "DC_store" file...ignore it. If you don't have a MAC ignore the _MAC folder that some people add.. Some people put a folder of pics you can use. So MAKE SURE you click on every folder within the ZIPPED folder to see what's it in. IF each one has the 2 style files then each of those folders goes IN the Themed Folder. To get to the themed folder just do a search for it on your computer. It's within the Style Folder.

It took me a long time to see the pattern and that's how I figured out what folder, from the zip folder, went into themed folder. Those 2 darn .style files.


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