Saturday, September 12, 2015

RCT3 Structure: Egypt Pyramid B 22x22 Build Rides Underneath

Description and all info after the last picture.
See the 3rd pic below to see the actual structure

 Again, the center structure is not the one in the structure file. See the pic below

 Before the rides were added.

 Night time shot

 I wanted to show you some pics of this ride so you can see the amount of room you have to build.  I show one other ride on the last pic.

This is a large 22x22 Egypt Pyramid RCT3 Wild. I built columns making room for a walkway on all sides. See picture 2 and 3. Then added the Pyramid on top. I did it so I could add rides under it. There's plenty of space for Thrill Rides, Gentle rides etc. 

Put the file under the following folder
My Documents (or just Documents) - RCT3 - Structures

Needed: Wild Expansion Pack of RCT3

I have many more Pyramid and Egypt Structures available.

Check them out by clicking on these Labels:

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