Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mountain Island RCT3 Scenario Download

Killer Whale Show with underwater walkways.

All Park details are after the photos 

Killer Whale from Above

Killer Whale from Below. There are photo shot areas (see low left of photo) so your Peeps can take pics of themselves with the whale behind them.

Peep photo spot

Part of the entrance. Includes a waterfall (2 total), a chairlift ride, shops and underwater walkways.

Photo spot by Waterfalls

Night time Peep Waterfall pic


Misty Mountains

Boulders fall when you get to a certain point on the Chairlift Ride.

Small fires on the mountain

Back side of the mountain

Night Time Photos

Download file at
Place the file in the following folder:
My Computer -  Documents (or My Documents) - RCT3 -  Start New Scenarios

You have $1.6 Million. 
Rides included are an Airboat Ride, Killer Whale Show and an Chairlift ride over and around the mountain.
There's no entrance fee so you can set the prices for your rides. Your peeps have lot of money...$500.00 average. 

There are 2 waterfalls, the mountain is in the middle surrounded by a ring of water then more land to play with.

There are objectives:
Apprentice: Monthly ride income $400.00
                    2 Coasters with maximum length of 2,000 ft
                    700 Guests in Park

Entrepreneur Level:
                    Monthly ride income $650.00
                    VIP Kara Oki

Tycoon Level:
                      Monthly ride income $900.00
                      VIP Joe Sluggerball

There are also Challenges:
                       Selling Drinks, VIP Waterman and Cami O, Selling Spooky Hats

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