Wednesday, June 24, 2015

RCT3 Pickery Lane Scenario Park

RCT3 Scenario Park Download Pickery Lane

more pics below 

Pickery Lane Scenario

This is my new RCT3 (Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) Scenario. In the center of the park are a bunch of Colonial Structures that I made myself along with some garages. I have several checkpoints for the peeps to enter from. It will look like peeps are coming out of those structures. 

Immediate download, just click on the big green button that says "Download".

Park Info:
- You have 1.8 million dollars
- Peeps will have lots of cash (avg of $700.00)
- Peeps will be hungry and thirsty so add lots of food and drink stalls
- Lots of underwater walkways 
- You can save each structure in the game, All were made by me.
- There are 4 entrances
- 3 watershows

There's a large area of water where I added 2 rides. One is the Killer Whale Show and the other is a Submarine Ride.

Click on any of the Collages below to enlarge them.
The center of the park

An Addition to the Park.

Closeups of the Addition
Peeps in underwater path. 2 have whales behind them.

Submarine Ride (Under water walkways)
I hope you come back again!

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