Friday, May 15, 2015

RCT3 Red Split Level Garage Structure

This is my small Red Split Level RCT3 Garage Structure. On the right it has 5 stories on the left just 1. I have a small structure above it. I used "Office Building" to create that. 

If you found me via search engine then you can download the file at click on the large green download button.

All together I used:
"Office Buildings" uses Soaked Expansion
"Colored walls"(red walls) uses original RCT3

If you want a larger garage you can always stack them or place them side-by-side. I have another larger garage using this one ( I went in RCT3 and placed this red one in a park. Then I opened the same file, rotated it, and placed it next to the first. I put them back to back.  Last thing I did was change the colors. You can change anything or everything if you want to. Just click on the item and choose a new color.

I hope you stop by again. I'm always creating something!

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